Cupping therapy can improve the appearance of cellulite, relieve pain, and remove toxins from the body.


The benefits of cupping for cellulite

Cupping therapy is being seen more and more in the media; from celebrities to famous athletes recognizing its healing benefits. This type of therapy is most commonly used in weight reduction and removing cellulite, and its deep-tissue, non-invasive method of healing is becoming more increasingly popular. Cupping can enhance circulation in the body, relieve pain, and remove toxins from the body. One of the best things is it can greatly improve the appearance of cellulite.

What does the process of cupping therapy consist of?

Cupping therapy uses glass or medical-grade silicone cups. The cups are pushed onto the skin, suctions to it, and the cups across the body. In traditional glass cups, heat is implemented by putting a burning object, such as herbs or alcohol, into the cup. When the cup is hot enough, the objects are removed and the cup is instantly pushed on specific points on the body.

How Does Cupping Therapy Work?

The suction that occurs between the cup and the body causes the cellulite to break up, due to its opposite pressure. The blood circulation is stimulated, which releases the fat and toxins, & moves into the lymph drainage network. From here these toxins are then removed from the body entirely.

Cupping therapy also relaxes the cords that connect the skin to the muscle. The buildup of fluid is eased, which diminishes the appearance of cellulite on the skin.

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