Essence Med Spa offers state-of-the-art medical aesthetic services to help our patients look and feel their best. Bring out your natural beauty with these great procedures!


Botox and Fillers


You can relax those wrinkles with a treatment of an innovative injection procedure with the prescription medication known as Botox. The medication is helping many patients effectively reduce wrinkles, scars, crow’s feet, and sun damage – without surgery or significant downtime. The unique protein composition of Botox products actually relaxes facial muscles and gives patients a more youthful appearance.

Botox Before & After

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The Juvederm collection of facial fillers, also known as dermal fillers, are a minimally invasive treatment to smooth wrinkles and restore a youthful volume to the face. Unlike Botox, which works by temporarily causing muscles to relax, facial fillers fill creases and plump up the skin. Some even stimulate your body’s own production of collagen. This increase in volume is why many people refer to fillers as “liquid facelifts.” There are several dermal fillers on the market and all of them have unique properties that give them each different advantages.

Dermal Filler Before & After

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We also offer these other effective skin treatments!



This all-in-one skin rejuvenating facial combines exfoliation with potent hydrating actives for instant glow. Clients enjoy medical-grade results with zero downtime.

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Medical Grade Skin Care

Medical-grade skin care products and treatments can only be found in a physician’s office because they are formulated to change or make a difference in the structure of the skin. These products are formulated to correct the skin on a cellular level. Products of this caliber must be monitored closely by a professional. Our professionals are well-trained and educated on skin care, how to improve the integrity of the skin, and how to handle potential reactions. These products can help correct discoloration, acne, wrinkles, fine lines, texture, tone, and brilliance of the skin.

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Chemical Peel

One of the main factors affecting skin health is the process of cellular regeneration, or the speed at which dead skin cells are replaced by new ones. As we age, this process naturally slows down, resulting in duller, less healthy looking skin. A chemical peel is one of the least invasive ways to improve the appearance of your skin. The procedure is quick, with minimal discomfort and downtime.


Chemical peels loosen the bonds that hold dead skin cells together, allowing dead skin to slough off and reveal the softer, smoother skin underneath.

  • Acne or Acne Scars
  • Age Spots
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Irregular Pigmentation
  • Sun Damage
  • Rough or Scaly Patches
  • Dark Spots (Melasma)

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