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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP is a concentrated source of platelets, growth factors and cytokines produced naturally in your own body. This stimulates & controls healthy regenerative processes, including collagen & soft tissue remodeling. Thus, greatly improves the overall health & rejuvenation of the skin. PRP has been used successfully for years to promote improved healing times and optimal results from various surgical and non-surgical procedures. PRP treatments include the Tear Trough, PRP Facial and PRP Hair Restoration.

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PRP Facial

The PRP Facial is a procedure that combines platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with the use of microneedle dermal stimulation (Rejuvapen). The medical microneedle procedure using the Rejuvapen is a method of “collagen induction therapy” also referred to as “CIT”. The small entries into the dermis cause the skin to respond with collagen which softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as superficial sun damage.

The PRP Facial treatment is customized to the needs of the client and is used to improve the appearance of:

This treatment can also be extended to neck, chest, hands or any part of the body.

PRP Hair Restoration

By extending the growing phase of the hair cycle, doctors started using PRP after researchers discovered high dilutions of platelets in plasma cells help promote hair growth. Doctors placed plasma into the scalp where hair loss has happened. They generally control injections for three months, then inject PRP over about three or four months for two years. The injection schedule depends on your pattern, amount of hair loss, genetics, age and hormones.

What Makes You a Good Candidate for Hair Restoration

The success of PRP comes from choosing the right patients for therapy. PRP is effective and safe for many people; however, you should not undergo PRP therapy if you fall into one of these groups:

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PRP for Tear Troughs

PRP treatments for the under-eye and even the upper-eyelid area are regenerative treatments. The PRP injection and application stimulates your own collagen and elastin which causes regeneration of new healthy skin tissue. This leads to gradual, natural and real results that improve during the 2-3 months following a single treatment.

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PRP & Microneedling

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